Project Highlights

  • Goal is to double our community energy savings through efficiency (based on 2013/2014 baseline years) by end of 2016
  • Community based initiative with new and innovative approaches including use of community based social marketing, a revamped FortZED website with enhanced functionality, and a focus on K-12 education and engagement
  • Competition focuses on efficiency through electricity and natural gas for residential, municipal buildings and the K-12 sector

What is it?

Georgetown University is hosting a $5M energy efficiency focused prize competition for cities across the country. Fort Collins has made the semi-final round and will spend 2015-2016 aiming to increase the energy efficiency awareness and action for the residential, municipal and K-12 sectors. The goal is to double our energy savings over the two years and win the competition.

How does it help?

Energy efficiency positively affects everyone, from individual consumers to entire communities. Although there are many innovative measures in place to help conserve energy, the United States still wastes more than half of the energy it produces because of inefficiencies in the system. The Georgetown University Energy Prize gives communities access to financial opportunities, educational and technical resources to help create far-reaching benefits that will last well into the future.

What will it cost?

As this project is currently under design, costs have not yet been determined. However, the intent is to leverage Fort Collins Utilities and Xcel Energy‘s existing energy efficiency programs, rebates and incentives, while using allocated FortZED funding through the City’s budget process. Partnerships for matching funding and grants will also be explored.

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