Lose-A-Watt has hundreds of unique achievements to discover. See how high you can get in the leaderboard. When you compete, we all win.


Every time you Buzz something, you’ll be helping the planet, and your wallet. Lose-A-Watt measures the impact for you, all you’ve got to do is Buzz it.


Follow your friends and neighbors to see how they’re making a difference. Share your favorite stories to inspire others.


To select who you compete against, you can create your own community through the Joulebug website, the creators of the Lose-A-Watt app. Communities can be as large as universities, or as small as a group of friends. Form your own Community by claiming it below.

Here's what you need to do:

  • Go into the app store and search for "Lose A Watt"
    Get the App on iTunes | Get the App on Google Play
  • Download this free app
  • Create an Account and register using your Facebook account*
  • Click on "Challenge" and to join an open challenge at the beginning of each month
  • Play!

Fort Collins Community Challenges are the last 7 days of each month.  Get the app today to compete in the next challenge.

Note: This app only works on iOS (iPhones) and Android platforms.

* The Lose-A-Watt App has a "Create account with Facebook" feature. This does not impact your Facebook or use your Facebook friends in any way. Don't worry. If you choose not to use Facebook you can just create your Lose-A-Watt account manually.


Pins represent the actions you can take to save energy. Every time you take one of the actions, you "Buzz" it on the Lose-a-Watt app (created by Joulebug), and get points for taking the action the pin represents. Below are several of our favorites. Check out all of the pins you can Buzz by Downloading the Lose-a-Watt App.

Flip Off

Flip Off

For this pin, it gets a little tougher: Kill the lights when you leave a room (okay, okay, not that tough). Remember: Hit Buzz it once for every time you take the action specified for each Pin.

Washing Cold

Washing Cold

If the tag on your shirt told you to jump off a bridge, would you do it? Most clothes don't actually need hot water to get clean - wash your loads cold to Buzz this pin.

Shower Sprinter

Shower Sprinter

Standing around in the shower? Time yourself: Every minute of shower costs you $8 a year. Buzz it every time you shower for less than 5 minutes (you'll save serious bucks).