What would you do with the $5 Million Lose-A-Watt prize?

shutterstock_406496068What would you do with a million dollars?  What about FIVE million? Fort Collins may soon need to find an answer to that question!

Did you know, Fort Collins is finishing up the semi-finalist competition in Georgetown University’s national energy efficiency competition for a $5 million prize? At last check, Fort Collins was ranking within the top ten out of all communities participating. If we maintain our ranking, we’ll move on to the final competition which runs through mid-2017.


How’d this happen?  What’s the criteria?

The top ten communities are evaluated based on additional criteria other than total savings, such as: program replicability and community engagement. To advance further, we’ll still need the help of our entire community. So download a tutorial, take action, and help us win $5 million for Fort Collins!

How can you help?  There are lots of ways, but the easiest and most fun is to check out the Lose-A-Watt app. This mobile app was created specifically for Fort Collins and aims to make energy savings and sustainability more simple and fun. Download it for free and log the energy-saving activities that you do every day!

Here's what you need to do:

  • Go into the app store for your phone or tablet and search for "Lose A Watt”
  • Get the app for your Apple device | Get the app for your Android device
  • Create an account, or log in with your Facebook account
  • Start logging your energy-saving activities!

You can even compete against your friends, neighbors and others in the community to see who the boss is when it comes to saving energy.

What should we do with the prize if we win?

$5 million is a lot of money.  Think about all we could do!  Really, think about it - we’d like to hear your ideas! That being said, keep in mind the City couldn't just spend the money any way it chooses – there are restrictions for the use of the $5M prize money:

  • It must be spent on energy efficiency programs that reward the community as a whole and provide for the long-term implementation of those plans. So, put on your thinking cap and let us know what the City should do with the money.
  • Prize money cannot be given to individuals. For example, it cannot be used to reduce taxes or for items that aren't related in some way to energy efficiency. If you were thinking of just putting your name in the hat, think again.  We’re looking for bona fide campaigns and plans that will impact the community as a whole, and create a more energy efficient Fort Collins in 5 million ways.

Check us out on Facebook and throw some suggestions our way.  It’s not every day we contemplate what to do with $5 million dollars!



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