Please browse our FAQ's below to learn more about our energy saving programs.


The Energy Leaders Program

The Energy Leader Program is a community engagement strategy for engaging residents in conservation behavior—water, electricity, waste reduction, etc. The program structure is to train a set of volunteer "Energy Leaders" to recruit 5-8 friends, neighbors, or co-workers into a group, host the first meeting and arrange monthly gatherings that are both social and educational.

Learn how to reduce the amount of energy you use, and help your friends, neighbors, co­workers, and classmates do the same! The City will provide a 2 hour training to you – the "Energy Leaders" – to use a fun, easy to follow program that gives guidance and tools. Each Energy Leader will have the responsibility to recruit 5-8 friends, neighbors, and/or co­workers into a group, host a kick­off meeting, and arrange six gatherings that are both social and educational.

As an Energy Leader, you would be provided with curriculum – materials and information to share with your invited group – as well as mentoring. You don’t need to be an energy expert, just someone who wants to contribute to making Fort Collins a stronger community. Everyone is welcome to join us for the next training!

The groups meet once a month for six months or a year, and share information and ideas with others in their group.

Sign up for the Lose­a­Watt email list and we’ll be sure to invite you to the next community training! If you have immediate questions, email us at [email protected].

The Lose-a-Watt App

It’s the playful mobile app that encourages you to improve your sustainability habits at home, work, and play. Discover new sustainable actions with our hundreds of Pins, lower energy bills, reduce waste, and make a big impact on the planet.

Oh, and did we mention? On average, our app can save an individual more than $200 a year.

Download the App

You start by earning Pins, like “Bin to Win” for recycling or “Bottle Rocket” for using a reusable water bottle. Each Pin comes with visual, informative content that provides the habits. You “Buzz” the Pin when you complete the action and you’re rewarded with points. Share your activities, with photos and posts, and follow what your Friends and others are doing. Climb the Leaderboard as you collect Badges and fill your Trophy Case.

You earn points every time you make a sustainable decision, like biking to work instead of driving or drinking local draft beer vs. imported bottles. Do something enough times to put achievements in your app Trophy Case and show off your sustainability skills.

When you take part in a Challenge as part of a Community, you can use your points to measure up against your competitors; if the Challenge organizers offer up some loot, then those points translate into sweet prizes.

One of our primary objectives is to get people thinking about sustainability; that’s where we start. If someone wants to take credit before they actually completed a sustainable action? Hey, at least we got them thinking.

We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve to encourage honesty about your eco-credibility. Beyond our settings, though, we trust that you’re using a JouleBug app because you want to make a difference for the environment.

Lose-a-Watt App Challenges

A Lose-a-Watt Challenge is conducted on the Lose-a-Watt App, it gives your Community a burst of sustainability excitement. These periodic competitions run for a limited time. The Swarm lets you run multiple Challenges during the year whether it's to complement an event, launch a new program, or just for the fun of competition. As competition increases, so does sustainable action. You see more photos, more social interaction, and more user engagement. All of this user generated content demonstrates the new sustainability normal for your Community.

Open the app. Go to the Challenge section, via the tab bar at the bottom of your screen on iOS or via the navigation drawer in the top left on Android. Find the Challenge you would like to join by swiping to the right. (Some challenges may require Location Services to be enabled. More details.) Tap the Join Challenge button. You may be asked to Join or Create a team depending on the challenge.

Nope. However, you can connect your Facebook or Twitter account for social media bragging rights. Your friend from high school just took a picture of delicious shrimp scampi? Well you just saved $17 a year by switching your outdoor light to an LED. That’s something worth sharing!

Oh, and if you want to use the app on multiple devices (iPhone + iPad, etc.) but have one account, then you will need it.

Challenges are offered by Communities (see that footer at the bottom of the Challenge?) If you think you’re part of the Community but don’t know who to contact there for help, send us an email with your information and we’ll see if we can get them to let you in.

Go to the Challenge section, via the tab bar at the bottom of your screen on iOS or via the navigation drawer in the top left on Android. Find the Challenge you would like to join by swiping to the left. (Some challenges may require Location Services to be enabled. More details.) Tap the Join Challenge button. If Teams are enabled for this Challenge, you will be presented with a list of available Teams or you can Create your own. Tap the Join button next to the Team name you wish to join. Still have questions? We’re happy to help. Just let us know!

Always late to the party, huh? You can still Join the Challenge until the final round (that’s when the Challenge is about 85% done).

The more the merrier, right? Once you’re participating in a Challenge, it’s easy to to Invite others. Just tap on the Invite button in the Challenge and take it from there.

What’s earned in the Challenge stays in the Challenge. And what’s not, stays out. But don’t worry, your overall points will still be reflected in your Profile.

You can leave a team and join another team but we don’t encourage switching horses mid-stream.

If you do it before a Challenge starts, then it won’t have any effect on either team’s score.

If you do it after the Challenge has started, you and your old team lose all the points you’ve earned. Any points you earn after you switch will be counted for your new team.

As the Challenge end approaches, no more switches are allowed.

Porchlight Campaign

Porchlight Removal

For the Porchlight Campaign, volunteers visit neighborhoods around Fort Collins to see what type of light bulbs homes have in their porchlight. If a home’s porchlight has an incandescent bulb, the volunteers will offer to replace it with an LED bulb, for free! If a home has a CFL or LED bulb already installed, the volunteers will mark it on a map. The volunteers then bring all of the incandescent bulbs they’ve collected, as well as the map data they’ve collected back to the City. For more information, or to participate in the Porchlight campaign, please contact us at [email protected].