Looking for more ways to save energy and money? Check out our full list of energy saving tutorial pages:

Get a Home Energy Audit

Don't worry, this is an audit you'll love - we'll check out your home and help you make it more comfortable and use less energy. Schedule Yours Today >

Wanna Weather Strip?

Make your home more comfy this winter and stop losing money - seal up windows and doors and fill those cracks and gaps. Learn How >

Be a Star, Buy ENERGY STAR®

Buying electronic gifts this year? Look for the ENERGY STAR® label. Get our buying guide >

Turn Heat Down 5° at Night

Get better sleep by turning it down a few degrees at night. Not only that, you'll save energy and money! Learn How >


Get all the information you need to help better conserve resources. Learn How >

Put Your Windows to Work

Keep your home comfy and save energy by using these simple techniques. Learn How >

Slay the Energy Vampires

You don’t need a stake to slay the energy vampires, just a powerstrip for your BlueRay, TVs, monitors, stereos. Learn How >

Turn Down Your Hot Water Temp

Give it a try, just turn the knob down. Learn How >

Change Your Furnace Filter

Stay comfy and keep your A/C happy longer, change your filters regularly. Learn How >

Close the Blinds to Block the Heat

Install 'thermal' curtains and blinds, especially on south-facing windows. Closing them during the day will keep your home cool. Learn How >

Turn Up Your AC by 5 Degrees

Every degree costs you money. Your AC uses 10 times more energy than a whole house fan. Set your A/C to 75° when you are home and let it warm up a few degrees when away. Learn How >

Wash Your Laundry in Cold

Your clothes will last longer and be just as clean when you wash in cold and you’ will save energy. WIN, WIN, WIN! Learn How >