The Lose-A-Watt App

Download the Lose-A-Watt App and compete with your friends and other community members. Lose-A-Watt has hundreds of unique achievements to discover. See how high you can get in the leaderboard. When you compete, we all win. It helps you save money on your utility bill as well - every time you Buzz something, you’ll be helping the planet, and your wallet. Lose-A-Watt measures the impact for you, all you’ve got to do is Buzz it. Follow your friends and neighbors to see how they’re making a difference, and share your favorite stories to inspire others.

Myths of Behavior Change Around Sustainability - Jeni Cross

Jeni Cross is a sociology professor at Colorado State University and a FortZED steering committee member. She has spoken about community development and sustainability to audiences across the country, from business leaders and government officials to community activists. As a professor and consultant she has helped dozens of schools and government agencies implement and evaluate successful programs to improve community well-being. In this talk, she discusses her work around changing behaviors.

Department of Energy - Energy 101

Looking for more efficiency tips from the experts? Watch this video playlist that covers Daylighting, Lighting Choices, Electric Vehicles, and Solar PV. Learn more about Home Energy Assessments, and how you can continue to be more efficient and save energy in your home and on the road.

Full Circle - Georgetown University Energy Prize

Georgetown University is hosting a $5M energy efficiency focused prize competition for cities across the country. Fort Collins has made the semi-final round and will spend 2015-2016 aiming to increase the energy efficiency awareness and action for the residential, municipal and K-12 sectors. The goal is to double our energy savings over the two years and win the competition.

Monitor Your Use

The first step in saving money is always knowing how much electricity you use. With Fort Collin Utilities' free online tool, you can monitor your use, control your costs and conserve our resources.

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