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Close the Blinds to Block the Heat:

Install ‘thermal’ curtains and blinds, especially on south-facing windows. Closing them during the day will keep your home cool.

Turn Up Your AC by 5 Degrees:

Every degree costs you money. Your AC uses 10 times more energy than a whole house fan. Set your A/C to 75° when you are home and let it warm up a few degrees when away.

Wash Your Laundry in Cold:

Your clothes will last longer and be just as clean when you wash in cold and you’ will save energy. WIN, WIN, WIN!

Slay the Energy Vampires:

You don’t need a stake to slay the energy vampires, just a powerstrip for your BlueRay, TVs, monitors, stereos.

Turn Down Your Hot Water Temp:

Give it a try, just turn the knob down.

Change Your Furnace Filter:

Stay comfy and keep your A/C happy longer, change your filters regularly.

Energy Audit Tutorial:

Find out how to schedule your audit and what your energy advisor is going to do. Get our Energy Audit Checklist to make sure you get the most out of the best audit ever.


You’ve probably always wanted to weatherstrip, but just haven’t been confident enough to do it yet. With our tutorial, you’ll learn where to use which weatherstripping materials and how to make your home more comfortable this winter.

ENERGY STAR® Buying Guide:

Find out how much you can save by switching your appliances over to ENERGY STAR® certified appliances and electronics. Compare your current model to an ENERGY STAR® appliance, and take advantage of double rebates until December 31st!

Smart Strip Infographic:

Plug strips have advanced far beyond the ancient surge protector behind your TV. Did you know that you can buy a smart strip for your home theater system that will automatically turn off when you’re not watching, saving you energy and money? Find the best one for you using this infographic.

Turn Heat Down 5° at Night:

Get better sleep by turning it down a few degrees at night. Not only that, you'll save energy and money!


Get all the information you need to help better conserve resources.

Put Your Windows to Work:

Keep your home comfy and save energy by using these simple techniques.