Logging Your Actions

Actions are logged using the action log form. Once the form is submitted a campaign is created in your name. Log entries can be updated at any time by logging in to the site and editing your campaign. Just visit your profile and click on your name.

Please log your actions in the appropriate columns based on these descriptions:

Installed From Kit: Actions you have taken that are listed in the Home Conservation Kit.

I Helped a Friend: If you helped a friend to install an item from the kit, log it here.

I went Above and Beyond: If you took this a step further and installed energy saving devices you purchased, log them here.


  • Selecting a box sets the value to 1. This means you have completed the action. If it is an action you can take multiple times, simply update that value to reflect the quantity. If you are installing a light bulb for instance, enter the quantity of bulbs you installed.
  • Don't forget to save. When you have double checked all your entries, click "Save Actions."
  • You can return to the site and log in to edit your entries. If you do not want to return to the site and log in, make sure you save all of your actions at once in this form.