The WorkWise Challenge is a way for the Fort Collins business community to get involved in the Lose-A-Watt Energy Prize. 

Energy consumed in the business sector is not counted for the Lose-A-Watt competition, but the energy consumed by employees at home is. The WorkWise Challenge encourages these employees to participate in the Lose-A-Watt competition by installing a Home Conservation Kit and then telling us about it on this website. The WorkWise Challenge is open to all businesses within city limits. Participating businesses will earn recognition and employees will have the chance to win prizes. It’s easy to participate and is a great way for a business to promote its commitment to the community.

Here's how it works

Step 1

Sign up for a presentation for your business on Fort Collins Utilities staff will work with you to schedule a presentation for your employees at a time that meets your needs.

Step 2

Fort Collins Utilities staff or one of its Ambassadors gives a presentation to your employees about Lose-A-Watt and energy efficiency in their homes.

Step 3

At the conclusion of the presentation, employees who want to participate each take a Home Conservation Kit.

Step 4

The employee installs the items in the Home Conservation Kit at home.

Step 5

The employee signs onto the WorkWise Challenge website to log actions.

Step 6


The business with the highest percentage of employees declaring their use of the Home Conservation Kit will win the biannual competition. Employees will be entered to win prizes every six months.

Businesses that are part of the ClimateWise program will earn a special WorkWise Challenge badge.

Questions? Email [email protected]


Here’s what you can win

Prizes will be award every six months to a large business and to a small/medium business (under 100 employees).

Individual Prize

Awarded to the person who installed the most Home Conservation Kits.

  • $100 gift basket including:
    • $25 Downtown Business Association gift card
    • two LED light bulbs
    • weather-stripping
    • can of spray insulation
    • sealer
    • power strip
    • clothesline
    • local chocolate
    • Lose-A-Watt T-shirt

Business Prize

Awarded to the business that has the largest percentage of employees install Home Conservation Kits.

  • Five 15-second spots promoting your business on KUNC

Employee Prize

Given to the group of employees that installed the most Home Conservation Kits.

  • Pizza party for your team

Immediate Action Prize

Awarded by drawing a name among the employees who installed the Home Conservation Kit within one week of hearing the presentation.

  • $50 Downtown Business Association gift card